Categories Of Concrete Pumping Services

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January 7, 2019
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Categories Of Concrete Pumping Services

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The most essential construction material presently is concrete. While it is versatile, it is not easy to work with which means manually pouring and transferring concrete is time taking and riddled with problems. It is why using a concrete pumping service is always recommended. The device removes all the issues that occur by manually pouring concrete and saves money in labour.

Since there are many concrete pumps, picking the final one requires careful consideration. Over and above there are several concrete pumps available in the Indian market. Therefore, choosing the right service involves a lot of factors.

Some of the Common Types of Concrete Pumps 

• The standard model is a truck that comes with a concrete pump attached to it.
• Another is a boom-type pump where the machine pours the concrete using a massive boom. This type of pump is best used when there are locations that are hard to reach. If a boom truck is not available, then an individual boom may be applied to pour the concrete.
• A line pump is a portable concrete pump which can be easily moved around the construction site to pour concrete.

The line pump can also be utilised to lay our sludge, grout and any other building supply. Because the pump is movable, it is highly advantageous for projects that require construction on multiple levels. Though it should be noted that the pump is not self-containing. The concrete has to be mixed at another location as the line pump merely pours it.

To select the right type of concrete pump for the project, consider the requirements of the project. For example, what kind of concrete will be applied in the job? This is important because not all concrete pumps can pour all types of concrete. Therefore, it is necessary to find the right concrete pump for the exact kind of concrete.

One more factor to consider is the volume of concrete that needs to be poured. The quantity will define the power of the pump. For example, by opting for a high-power concrete pump in a project that requires only a small amount of concrete, money is wasted. The reverse reasoning is also correct. A low-power pump will not be able to keep up with a big building project which will lead to inefficiencies, wastage of time and expenses.

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