Expert Tips To Pick The Right Warehouse Racking System

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August 24, 2021

Expert Tips To Pick The Right Warehouse Racking System

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How To Choose A Warehouse Racking System?

It is not unusual for warehouses to be busy, crowded, and filled with constantly moving inventory from one location to another. Pallet racking is thus one of the most important considerations when designing a warehouse layout. Having a properly designed warehouse pallet racking system will ensure the safety of your employees and the safety of your products. Moreover, pallet racking systems can also be expanded easily and used to make the most of warehouse space.

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Common Types of Racking & Their Benefits

Racking is a storage system used in manufacturing and distribution facilities to store cartons, pallet loads, or large individual units that are not easily moved. Several racking systems are available, including Single Selective Racking Systems, Double-Deep Systems, VNA (Very-Narrow Aisle) Systems, Cantilever Rack Systems, and Drive-In/Drive-Thru Systems. The correct system for your operation is critical for your business to grow and succeed.

Although a warehouse racking system is primarily standardised, it is preferable to begin planning early. A racking supplier will be a valuable resource in the planning process.

Pallet racking systems are built in various ways, and the most appropriate system for your organisation will depend on your product and business operations. Here is a comprehensive insight into the different types of racking systems available.

  • Selective racking allows for one-unit-deep pallet loads to be stored side-by-side on a single level.
  • Drive-in racks are ideal for storing repetitive products, thereby maximising storage space.
  • Carton flow racks and pallet flow racks allow product to flow from the back of the rack to the front of the rack.
  • Mobile Rack is a storage rack that can be moved from one location to another.
  • Custom warehouse racking systems will allow you to make the most of the available space in your warehouse. They will also allow you to store more goods and run product picking and distribution operations smoothly. There are several advantages to having your warehouse shelving system customised, including achieving smooth business operations and meeting specific business requirements. Custom designed warehouse racking distribution systems are made to fit your specific storage requirements, saving you time and money.

Tips To Choose The Right Warehouse Racking

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A new racking or shelving system is needed when a warehouse is no longer flexible enough or has reached its capacity limits. Take control of your racking system! Many manufacturers offer modular or even completely customised systems to customers.

When constructing shelving systems, it is necessary to adhere to a wide range of safety regulations, including the Product Safety Act. Pallet racks are a classic among storage and organisation systems. They can be used to store goods weighing several tonnes.

Mobile racking systems can save up to 80 per cent of the available space. Shelf racks are a storage system used for non-palletised goods and order picking tasks. The storage system can be extended upwards if necessary, and the unoccupied space beneath the structure can be used for other productive tasks. A plug-in system for shelf racking can be used to create shelving systems that are two, three, or four storied. The system is generally resistant to alkalis and petroleum products.

One of the leading manufacturers of racks in Trichy manufactures a roll-out shelf system designed to make better use of existing logistics space by maximising the space available. The FIFO method is also used to operate flow racks available from manufacturers in dynamic storage. The system is distinguished by its compact, block-shaped rack construction.

Mobile racking is a system that is constantly on the move and allows forklifts to drive into the aisle and the warehouse. It is a viable option for handling large quantities of items that do not fall into “fast-moving goods.”

Similarly, vertical carousels are ideal for storing small parts horizontally in a confined space. Paternoster storage facilities operate on a vertical system and are ideal for automated provisioning and inventory management.

Key takeaway:

A pallet racking system is an indispensable part of a warehouse. Take advantage of the insights above and choose the best racking system for your warehouse.

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