The Pros Of Using A Concrete Pump

Image of Centrifugal Pump
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The Pros Of Using A Concrete Pump

Image of Concrete Pump

Finding a concrete pump working hard at a large-scale construction site is a common sight. What few realise is that these state-of-the-art concrete pumping machines can do wonders even for medium to small-sized projects. They work marvels for both commercial and residential projects.

Why opt for a concrete pump?

A concrete pump is an innovation that simplifies the process of construction. The tool brings more quality to the project. The technique it uses is more accurate. Overall, the pump helps reduce the cost of construction which is why it is essential to adopt it for building. The question should not be if a concrete pump has to be used. It should be which one to utilise.

At present, there are two primary concrete pumps: boom pumps and line pumps. The one which is employed for the construction depends on the needs and requirements of the project.

Two Advantages of Concrete Pumps

• Improved Speed

The chief criterion of the success of a construction project is speed. The faster it is built, the better it is. Choosing a concrete pump to pour the material on site over any other option results in:

o Simpler processes
o Faster pouring

When the pouring is done manually, a wheelbarrow and cranes are needed. They load the concrete and then take to the location where the concrete needs to be poured. The speed with which the task takes places becomes dependant on the rate of the worker which is never too high.

A concrete pump, on the other hand, is mounted on a truck which signifies that the concrete can be transported easily (and with speed) to any part of the site. Therefore, meeting the construction deadline becomes simpler while the quality of the project is maintained. If utilised accurately, then concrete pumps can even shorten a timeline.

• Less Labour

The scarcity of labour is growing everywhere, more so in India. It is becoming more and more challenging to find skilled labour. This is the other advantage concrete pumps bring to a construction site. When mixing and pouring of concrete is done by manually, it requires dedicated workers – labourers that are already short.

Whereas, a concrete pump completes the entire procedure mechanically which frees up labour for other tasks. There is no need for a worker to carry the concrete which signifies a smallernumber of workers are required.

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