The Tough Challenges Faced By Pump Manufacturers

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November 29, 2016
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January 12, 2017

The Tough Challenges Faced By Pump Manufacturers

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The challenges faced by pump manufacturers are horrendous, and it is defined by size. The industry is growing at the rate of $40-50 billion a year, and the growth forecast varies from region to region. There are common issues the industry is facing due to globalisation and continued competition. There is a need to innovate and acquire fresh technical talent to stay ahead in the competition. The requirement ofpumps varies depending on the property size, dwellers, personal needs and geography. Recently, we provided air-liquid pump for a 200 ft container home developed by We have tied up with, innovators in mechanical design to produce the right design elements for the container home.

Challenges Faced By Pump Manufacturers

Increased globalisation is a two-way sword, though it brings foreign markets right into your local markets, the competition is rife. The internet makes sourcing easier, and pump suppliers are able to adapt well and increase their revenue in a new market.

Specialised software like CAE and CAM has created design innovations where the process from preliminary sizing to final design, fluid dynamics, vibration analysis and mechanical stress are determined in the design stage. Software makes it easier to achieve design excellence and hence increases competition.

End to end digitalization has thrown traditional pump manufacturers out of business. The agile and sustainable model for manufacturing has become the order of the day. The future of the industry depends on the use of intelligent machines. Internet of Things, cloud and 3D printing technology have changed the way pumping manufacturing is looked at.

Image That Shows An Open Impeller PumpStricter regulations
The efficiency regulations are set high by the Department of Energy making it tough for manufacturers to meet their specifications.

Manpower challenges
The mechanics involved in pump manufacturing is far more advanced, and the scarcity of qualified talent makes it highly challenging. The migration of technical talent from the industry to other lucrative industries makes it tough for the manufacturers. Many companies are depending on outside consultants to fill this gap.

Impact of other industries
The fall in crude price has also hit the industry, as it an aggressive pump sector. The uncertainty the oil and gas sector is also indirectly hurting the industry.

Dealing with mechanics
Problems of corrosion reduce the pump life leading to failure in design. Since the whole assembly is submerged in a fluid, like in the case of Submersible Pumps, the chances of corrosion are high. The rotor is in contact with water and glycol mixture as the filling is done even before the pump is installed. Corrosion is the first sign of problem a pump faces and the concern is multifold in the case of submersible pumps.

Unique demands
Pumps are used in varied industries like oil and gas, power generation, chemical processing, industrial applications, water and waste management, fire, mining and domestic and commercial purposes. The demands of each sector are unique, and it becomes tough to cater to a market with such wide variation in specifications.

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  1. Devansh says:

    Our pump manufactruing unit faced the above several challenges

  2. Ria says:

    There was a high demand for qaulified and skilled technicians who can work with pumps in our pump manufacturing unit. the post does not offers advice on ways to overcome the challenges

  3. Hema says:

    The fall in crude price is one of the major reason for the stuggle of the oum pmaufacturers

  4. Varsha says:

    It took nearly a year to come out of the challenges in our pump manufacturing industry

  5. ramya says:

    Many of our technicians who were skilled in handling with pumps moved to other lucarative industries around.

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