Planning of Pumping Services Is More Than Vital

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Planning of Pumping Services Is More Than Vital

Image of PUmp Station and Industrial Water

It can come as a shock to realise the number of water pumps that are installed in a building. There volume can be so significant that often they have a separate plumbing circuit and more than one pump is connected to perform the same job. Because they eat up a substantial chunk of energy, variable speed drives are implemented to soften the start phase of the pump. It also ensures a better consumption of power and effective working.

In a commercial building, some of the pumps you can come across are:

  • Chilled Water
  • Heating Hot Water
  • Condenser water
  • Sprinkler System Water
  • Hydrant System Water
  • Town Water
  • Flusher tank water
  • Grey Water
  • Sump Pump
  • Potable Cold Water
  • Potable Hot water
  • Tempered Hot water

The complexity of the water pumping systems signifies that it must be designed during the building plan.

Furthermore, every water supply system makes use of a different combination of pipes that come in varying dimensions and material. They also employ outlets and valves to deliver the water everywhere. A few pumping systems come with storage tanks too. Proper designing means factoring in all of the element; only then clean water will reach the inhabitants at the right temperature and pressure.

Planning the system layout requires considering the comfort of users, sustainability, and code compliance.

Some of the Complex Decisions that are involved

  • Not to install pipes near the bedroom or living areas to prevent noise.
  • Keep the length of the tube as short as possible and ensure there are not too many branches. As the number of Image Taken while Installing the Chilled Beam Systemtees, joints, and elbows increase, the flow rate decreases, heat loss increases, and material usage become too much.
  • The point of entry of the pumping system should be in a utility space like the garage. Plus, it should be planned to have an isolating valve, pressure limiting valve, and line filter.
  • If there is a heating system, then the location has to be central so that the pipe runs to fixtures are not too long. Long pipes will need more water to be drawn off before hot water begins to flow. Planning another heater, if the fixtures are too far away from the central unit.

The planning, designing, installing and maintaining a pumping system is not a process that can be done at any time of construction. It has to be included during the first phase. Only then a functional system will be installed that doesn’t glitch with every use. Furthermore, when proper designers create the system, it has minimal noise, good flow, and durability. Problems like water hammer and inefficient use of water don’t arise.

At the end of the day, it is very apparent that planning of pumping services is more than vital; it is mandatory!

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