Irrigation Pumps – Different Types For Different Purposes

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Irrigation Pumps – Different Types For Different Purposes

Water Pumps For Irrigation Use

There are several different kinds of irrigation pumps to choose from. Centrifugal pumps are common type, as are submersible pumps. They are called submersible because they are placed completely underwater. These are the types of pumps most commonly found in wells as they are cylindrical in shape. Submersible pumps can be used in lakes as well. There is no need to prime them. These pumps push water and sometimes require special sleeves. The sleeve acts as a coolant by forcing incoming water to flow over the motor.

There are turbine and jet pumps. These pumps are also placed underwater; however, the shaft and motor are above water. Turbine pumps are multiple stage pumps and are very efficient. This is a suction pump. A jet pump is similar except it forces water into the intake to lift water back out.

Purpose of Hardware PumpA booster pump basically boosts the water. It boosts the pressure needed to move water. If you have a sprinkler system that does not have enough pressure to move the water, a booster pump will increase the pressure so the system will work.
Floating pump are used in lakes and streams. A floating pump is the same as a submersible pump and has the same uses. The main difference is that a floating pump is attached to the bottom of a float.

Pump Performance: The flow and pressure created by the pump determines the pumps performance. The flow and pressure will determine if the pump is right for your project needs. Just remember, increased flow means less pressure. Read the manufacturer’s label.

Plan it out: Do not just run out and get a pump. Get a general idea of how the project will be placed. It would also be a good idea to draw up a design of your irrigation system. This will save you money and time.

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